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We are very thankful to people who participate in our project and Support us with Donation to keep Green Clean.

Lake View Park

Lake view Park is at our attention. We will be on priority raising awareness at Lake View Park Cleanliness.


Shakarparian, used to be one of the most cleanest point but now needs awareness for littering amongst people.

Faisal Mosque

One of the largest Mosque in Pakistan. It's our duty to Keep Faisal Mosque Neat, Clean and Without waste.

Chattar Park

One of the beautiful point filled with Natural Beauty. We have to have clean natural beauty and now waste and Food Litter.

Khanpur Dam

Khanpur, needs attention and have to be cleaned and raise awareness amongst people to not litter the water surroundings.


At most areas at Damn-e-Koh you will find wrappers, bones (BBQ), and a lot which needs attention.