Join Fatima Next Campaign


Who is Fatima?

Fatima is a responsible child who has concerns over keeping Pakistan Beautiful. Her story is that she is an 8-Year-old girl who studies at Beaconhouse in Class 3. came into existence due to her acts. During her visit with her parents at a public place called Pir Sohawa she became concerned with its surroundings. Pir Sohawa which surrounds beautiful sights and mesmerizing surroundings unfortunately comprised of sights with litter and garbage. Her anger over keeping the place beautiful emerged into an idea of taking a stand for the cause of keeping the place Beautiful. She started picking up the wrappers, food leftovers, and whatever she could sight and recycled into nearby bins.

Her curiosity and concerns over keeping the place Beautiful increased tremendously that she took a stand and started to collect wrappers, food leftovers, and whatever waste she could find at public points she used to visit with her parents in Islamabad. Her emergence and existence to keep Pakistan Beautiful grew so much that her Father took the initiative and helped her involve others to participate in the different campaigns which were lead by Fatima.

Fatima wishes to keep Pakistan Beautiful and educate other people on how important it is to keep the environment clean for living a healthier life. Fatima, has performed activities at different points in Islamabad and her goal is to increase the activities by having your participation.

Why join Fatima?
It is time that we act together for keeping our country beautiful and for that we require your participation to:
  • Change People Behaviour
  • Lead to Spread a Great Cause
  • Have people educated to keep their surroundings beautiful
  • Increase Self-Determination of others
  • Educate others on Keeping Pakistan Beautiful