Frequently Asked Questions

What is Beautification?
BeautificationKeep Pakistan Beautiful is a non-profit organization headquartered in Islamabad, Pakistan having enthusiast as affiliated members throughout in Pakistan working towards spreading awareness through educating Students, Business organization, Local Communities, Families and all on having Clean and Green Surroundings for having Neat and Clean Environment.
I want to join in campaign where I can help the environment. How can I be sure that Beautification is right organization for having Pakistan Beautiful?
Beautification Strategy is not to push but to have people responsible towards keeping Pakistan Beautiful. All affiliated members will be introduced to the strategy of having people influenced for the great cause rather being pushed. Beautification does not flatter for the cause but influence people being responsible for keeping Pakistan Beautiful. This is how Beautification will have culture set and envisage for future generations to come having Pakistan kept beautiful forever.
Will I have to Pay anything for being a member?
No, there isn’t any cost for having yourself registered for the great cause. However, if you would like to donate or volunteer for a great cause that is up to you.
How will I be know about some an activity?
You will be informed via email and brief text message on your contact number 3 days prior to the event.